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Taking Flight
Caitlin E.
A Glimpse at Choreography

My Choreography Portfolio

Life is effortful. Movement that I value is effortful. There is beauty in apparent effort and struggle especially when we, as human beings, can rise from it. Through my physically rigorous choreography I wish to demonstrate human beings executing incredible feats, not effortless ones. It is my hope that through kinesthetic empathy those who witness my art can be inspired and curious about the capabilities which we all have as human beings. Art can catalyze others to rise up—metaphorically and literally— and we must get up from the rubble of our seemingly crumbling world and attempt to become better. We must have hope and I will keep creating art, writings, and utilize my teaching to peacefully bring about this awareness so that in this crumbling world, which we find ourselves in, we will be able to understand that we have a lot left to live for, and that we can become the best versions of ourselves utilizing our bodies as vehicles for change and life.

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